Live in Poland Rosfest Live in Poland


July 2012
Fri 6th 12 Bar, Swindon Electric Set
The Hippodrome, Kingston
Electric Set
April 2012
Fri 27th The Peel Electric Set
May 2011
Fri 20th ROSfest, Gettysburg, USA Electric Set
Sun 1st The Robin 2, Bilston Electric Set
Apr 2011
Sat 30th The Peel Electric Set
Fri 29th Riffs Bar, Swindon Electric Set
Mar 2011
Sat 5th The CRS BOTY Awards,
Acoustic Set
Jan 2011
Wed 19th Charity Gig,
The 12-Bar, London
Acoustic Set
Dec 2010
Sat 11th The Peel Electric Set
Oct 2010
Fri 8th Summer's End Electric Set
Sep 2010
Fri 10th Big Red Spark Album Launch Electric Set
May 2010
Sat 8th Progeny Festival Acoustic Set
April 2010
Sat 24th The Peel Acoustic Set
Nov 2009
Sat 7th The Peel Acoustic Set
Oct 2009
Sat 24th CRS Oktoberfest Electric Set
Sept 2009
Sat 5th The Peel Electric Set
Aug 2009
Sat 8th Cambridge Rock Festival Electric Set
May 2009
Sat 2nd The Peel Electric Set
April 2009
Sat 25th The Peel Electric Set
Feb 2009
Mon 16th Katowice, Poland Electric Set
for the DVD!
Jan 2009
Sat 10th The Peel Electric Set
Dec 2008
Sun 21st The Peel Acoustic Set
Oct 2008
Sat 18th The Borderline (London) Acoustic Set
May 2008
Fri 9th The Riga Club (Southend) Electric Set
February 2008
Sat 2nd The Peel (Kingston) Electric Set
September 2007
Sat 14th Summer's End, Robin 2 (Bilston) Electric Set
Thurs 6th The Limelight (Crewe) Electric Set
Aug 2007
Wed 25th Robin 2 (Bilston) Electric Set
Sat 18th The Kings Head (Aylesbury) Electric Set
July 2007
Sat 7th The Peel (Kingston) Electric Set

Simon Godfrey

Squire Stratocaster, Fender Telecaster, Line 6 Variax 600, Ovation Celebrity Deluxe, Roland JC120 amp, Roland GR-20 guitar synth, Digitec Whammy Pedal, Line 6 Floor Pod.

James Sanders

1980 Gibson Les Paul Standard, 1998 Fender Stratocaster, Squire Stratocaster (with EMG SA pickups), Line 6 Variax 100, Charvel Model II, 1960s Marshall Solid State 100w head, 1960s Marshall tweed front, angled 4x12 cab with Celestion vintage 30 speakers, Line 6 Pod X3 Pro, Line 6 Pod XT Pro, Line 6 FBV Longboard, Alesis Midiverb, Alesis Quadraverb 4

Strings: D'Addario light top, heavy bottom 10-52

Paul Worwood

Martin Petersson 5-String Sai Bass, Yamaha fretless Bass, SWR 'Big Black' amp, midi floor pedals.

Rob Ramsay

Lee Oskar Harmonicas, Shure 'Green Bullet' Harmonica Mike, Boss SP-303 sampler, shoe, megaphone, many hats.

Leon Camfield

Drums, shakey things, and the hand shandy.

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