Some bands choose their fellow members on the basis of technical capability, connections with the music industry or even how they look in front of a camera.
Tinyfish however exists largely because of the friendship that thrives between the four members and the personal chemistry which naturally results from knowing someone both socially and musically for over twenty years.

Simon Godfrey (vocals, guitars and drums)
Best described as the engine room that drives the band along, Simon is a prolific songwriter who ‘writes constantly to keep himself sane’. He is an accomplished studio engineer and has spent twenty years working around the world as a singer, drummer and guitarist for various projects. Simon has also released music under the name Men Are Dead and Simon Walsh.

Jim Sanders (guitars, vocals)
Endlessly creative and a lifelong disciple of the electric guitar, Jim is defined by his role in the band both as the melodic heart of Tinyfish and as the band’s design guru (Jim was responsible for the Tinyfish album art and designed the logo for Marillion’s fanclub ‘The Web’). Jim has worked in many bands over the years including Charlottes Web (with Jem Godfrey of Frost*), Men Are Dead and One Bullet.

Paul Worwood (bass)
A naturally cool and logical individual, Paul relishes the task of being the band’s anchor-man. He is an adept studio musician has a well deserved reputation as being able to record his bass parts in one take, rarely needing more than a brief listen to the music before being able to play a song in its entirety (usually note perfect). He is the man responsible for the band’s presence on myspace and maintains the page on a daily basis. Over the years Paul has worked with many bands including Charlottes Web, Rainland and Simon Walsh.

Rob Ramsay (spoken word, harmonica)
Chief lyricist and Tinyfish’s resident clever person, Robert undertakes every artistic endeavour placed before him as an opportunity to communicate ideas. His endless ingenuity and dry sense of humour permeates everything that the band produces and is responsible for much of the band’s idiosyncratic ‘flavour’. In addition to his role as wordsmith, he runs the band’s record label (Lazy Gun Records) and designs the web sites for all of the groups on the label roster. Rob has also worked alongside Simon in both Men Are Dead and Simon Walsh.

Leon Camfield (drums, percussion, vocals)
Behind the drum kit, Leon gives the band an incredible edge in live performance yet his melodic and harmonic talents are not just restricted to hitting things as he is an acomplished singer, bassist and guitarist in his own right. Everything Leon plays is given with 100% commitment and his determination to getting the best out of any music he plays, gives the band another sonic dimension that they could never have discovered without him.

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